Professional Cleaning Services Chicago IL

Who is Dianas Cleaning of Chicago Illinois?
Affordable, Quality, Kind & Honest

Our team consists of quality cleaners and technicians. Whether you need residential cleaning for your home or commercial cleaning for your place of business, we are here for you.

The strength of all team members is experience and passion to serve our clients. From spring cleaning to intensive home cleaning, our talented staff has years of industry leading experience and can help your property sparkle and shine from top to bottom.

Our process is simple, we find out exactly what our clients want and then we show great effort to provide it for them. So if you need window cleaning or floor care services, contact Dianas Cleaning of Chicago IL.

Residential & Commercial
Our Cleaning Services in Chicago

We are proud of every one of our customers and the job we do for you and we are always looking at ways to exceed your expectations.

Professional Cleaning Services Chicago IL

Attention to Detail
Our Absolute Committment to Perfection

It is not only important within employees and families to maintain a good health but also to remain safe, comfortable, and productive. We are all drawn to the clean we can “see” but just because something looks clean, it does not mean it actually is. Improperly cleaned surfaces are prone to attract many unwanted bacteria and viruses such as: Salmonella, E.coli, or Influenza—germs can be alive and thriving on surfaces all around you. Dianas Cleaning cleaning offers the highest quality janitorial services to residential and commercial clients located in the Chicagoland area.

Our exceptional staff is fully trained in all methods to ensure your property is spotless and properly sanitized on a costumed schedule tailored to your needs. Ensuring the safety and health of your employees, students, patients, and family members at a reasonable and affordable cost is our main priority. No matter what kind of business or home you own, we are a full service janitorial company committed to high quality and excellence.